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Advent and Christmas 2019

How important is Christ to Christmas? Who is this Christ? During Advent and this Christmas season, we will explore the names of Jesus and their significance. Please join us in this journey of discovery. To not have Christ in your Christmas is missing the point, but to not have him in your life is missing so much more. In this season of Advent, he comes to us. We come to know him together.

December 1: Hope – You will give him the name, Jesus? (Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25) There is perhaps no name that is better known than, Jesus. It was the name given to the Christ child. We will come to a fuller knowledge of the bearer of that name. We will consider the significance of the name and the significance of the one named Jesus, to us. You will want to call upon his name.

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December 8: Peace – Passing the Peace (Luke 12:51-53, John 14:27, Matthew 5:9) As part of our 100th anniversary series, we celebrate the peace through all generations.

December 15: Joy – Cantata – Born a Saviour, Born a King– The Prophecy Fulfilled. As the prophets had long ago promised, the time had finally come for the advent of Jesus, the Son of God. Could this child, born in such humility, truly be the promised Saviour and King? Where was the fanfare, the armies, the generals, the golden carriage?  Join us in this good news discovery through a  celebration in word and song. A presentation of our choir.

December 22: Love – Son of God (Luke 1: 26-38, John 3:16) If Jesus is divine, it changes everything. We know he is human, but can he be both human and divine? The truth is glorious. For God so loved the world, he sent his son.  This is a truth rich in good news.

December 24, 6:30 pm: Christmas Eve Family Candlelight Service – He is The Christ (Luke 2:8-20) It is the night before Christmas. Christ?mas. This holiday is celebrated all over the globe. What is the place of Christ in your Christmas? We come to know and worship the Christ. This is a community engaging and family friendly service followed by light refreshments. 

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December 29: Immanuel (Matthew 1:18-25, Isaiah 7:41, Matthew 28:18-19) There is more to the truth that God is with us than many realize. This new proximity of God came with Jesus. How does Jesus bring us the presence of God? This is a good message for us as we conclude one year and begin another.

January 5: Epiphany – King – Son of David (Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 1:30-38) The Magi came seeking the one born king of the Jews. How was it that this child born to poor peasants in an animal shelter and from an insignificant village be given such a lofty title? That the ancient promise was fulfilled in such a way was an epiphany – a great revelation of God.