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April 2015 series

April 12th (Luke 24) “Companion” A week after Easter it is important to ensure a continuation of the resurrection celebration. Today we consider the account of the resurrected Jesus coming along side some people walking along a road.  He speaks to them about the promises of Scripture and the longings of people’s hearts. It is only as he breaks bread with them that they finally recognize the presence of Jesus.  We learn today what it means to have the risen Lord come along side you as your companion on the journey.  We will remember and recognize him around the table of communion.  A very warm welcome to all.
April 19th (Luke 18:1-30) “Tough Faith” A good disciple of Christ needs to have a well tuned and practiced faith.  In a series of short lessons Jesus gives us some essential teaching in the attitudes and attentions of faith.  Can it be both tough and tender?  We are called to be relentless, humble, childlike and courageous.  A very warm welcome to all.
April 26th (Luke 18:35-43) “I Want to See” We are honoured and thrilled to have the Mimico Children’s Choir and their families joining us today.  A very warm welcome to you all. Today we have a treat for our ears and eyes.  We will hear great singing and we will witness an encounter of Jesus with a blind man who wants to see.   This man was quite literally blind and Jesus gave him sight.  It is though, possible to look and yet not perceive or understand.  It is possible for a person to have sight and in some ways still be blind.  Together we come to Jesus saying, “Lord, I want to see.”