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Jim Sanderson

Jesus on Display

Jesus on Display–Exhibits from the Book of Hebrews (Aug-Nov 2020)

And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself. John 12:32  New Living Translation  The writer of Hebrews holds up Jesus for the world to have a closer look. What to do with Jesus? This is an even more important question than most people realize. This is a timely and essential study. Please join… Read More »Jesus on Display–Exhibits from the Book of Hebrews (Aug-Nov 2020)

Advent and Christmas 2019

How important is Christ to Christmas? Who is this Christ? During Advent and this Christmas season, we will explore the names of Jesus and their significance. Please join us in this journey of discovery. To not have Christ in your Christmas is missing the point, but to not have him in your life is missing so much more. In this season of Advent,… Read More »Advent and Christmas 2019

Eyes to See (fall 2019)

Reflecting God’s Love to a World in Need This series of messages fits into our 2019 theme: “Taste and see – being salt and light”. The material is adapted from a resource produced by Compassion Canada. How we view God, others and the world around us can shape who we are and how we live. Lord, give… Read More »Eyes to See (fall 2019)