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Jim Sanderson

World Day of Prayer 2019

Mimico Baptist Church, along with several other local churches, host this annual world day of prayer. This year’s focus is on Slovenia. Dr. Carla Nelson delivered the devotional for the evening.

2019 Lent series: Jonah

SEASON OF LENT: Jesus often spoke of Jonah as a sign and an illustration of truths. Clearly, there are important lessons for us in this story. During the weeks leading up to Easter weekend we will find preparation for our hearts and minds as we journey together with Jonah. This ‘big fish’ story is really… Read More »2019 Lent series: Jonah

Taste and See

The Psalmist wrote, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8) He may have been looking forward to Jesus proclaiming to his followers that, “You are the salt of the earth” and “You are the light of the world.”  In 2019 these verses will shape our theme.  We will explore and practice what it means… Read More »Taste and See

Firm Footing (Jan. 13/19)

January 13 – Firm Footing (select passages) It is a new year and in that sense, it can be a new beginning. We set course; we establish a firm footing, and a disciplined path. The Scriptures have much to teach up about the way we go through life. What new practices will you make a… Read More »Firm Footing (Jan. 13/19)

Imaginative Hope (Fall 2018)

This series draws on a body of work entitled, Imaginative Hope – Reaching and Engaging the Next Generation with the Gospel. This was the product of work done by 50 Canadian Baptist leaders from across Canada. See We begin by overcoming ‘Seven Major Obstacles’: Neglected spiritual health and wellness. Church structures that hinder change. Lack of… Read More »Imaginative Hope (Fall 2018)

Rooted and Reaching (Part 3)

September 9: What Kind of Tree Are You? (Isaiah 61:3c; Matthew 12:33-37) Jesus, speaking with the Pharisees; a school of men considered righteous, said, “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” Jesus compares lives to trees that bear either good or bad fruit depending on the character of the tree. Today we do some… Read More »Rooted and Reaching (Part 3)

Summer 2018 services

July 1 Canada Day: Faith, in Canada (Luke 13:29) Canada is rich in diversity. This is certainly true when with views on faith and religion. There is a vast diversity of choice, yet one of the fastest growing groups are those who embrace no religion. In such a context, how do we declare and demonstrate the person… Read More »Summer 2018 services

Rooted and Reaching (part 2)

(You can review the first part of this series at Sunday May 6, 10:30 am: (John 21:15-25) Re-commissioned – Peter bore an uncomfortable burden of having denied Jesus three times. It was a terrible and painful weight. Jesus leads him through a journey of forgiveness and healing. Peter is then ready to be re-commissioned by Jesus to… Read More »Rooted and Reaching (part 2)