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Jim Sanderson

April and Easter (Apr 2014)

April 6th 11:00  Seriously Lord?  (Matthew 16:13-28) Jesus talked to his disciples about what faced him in Jerusalem. He talked of his coming suffering and death. He also told them that following him means taking up a cross. This was hard to comprehend for the disciples and Peter rebukes Jesus for such talk, “Lord, This shall never happen… Read More »April and Easter (Apr 2014)

Hard Questions (Feb-Mar 2014)

Join us as we try to answer ?  Hard Questions: I know you have them.  Those nagging but troubling questions.  Mysteries that cause doubts about and even destruction of our faith.  I want to hear your questions and together explore the possible answers.  On February 9th we will begin a series of messages each attempting… Read More »Hard Questions (Feb-Mar 2014)