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Fall 2014 series: The Gospel According to Luke – the life of Jesus

The Gospel according to Luke
 -The Life of Jesus – an orderly account
 By a physician and companion of the Apostle Paul.
 Join us on a tour through the book of Luke, one of the four gospels in the New Testament.   His intro to the book includes these words, “Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”  We are not certain who this Theophilus was but we know his name means, “Lover of God.”  Our tour focus will be on Jesus; his life story.
Below is a list of the coming services and our destinations on the tour.   Note that this will be a somewhat un-orderly journey through an orderly account.  Come along for the ride of your life.
October 19th 11:00 – Ready?  (Luke 3:1-19)  The coming of Jesus was to be of such great significance that God sent someone to prepare both the way and the people.  John the Baptist was a charismatic prophet who stirred up great anticipation among the crowds who came to hear him.   How do we help those who don’t know Jesus to be ready to meet him and join him?  Are you ready?
October 26th 11:00 – And so it Begins  (Luke 3:21 – 4: 13) Jesus begins his public ministry with his baptism in water and then a baking in the desert.  He receives an affirmation and a testing.   It is evident that God is up to something and Jesus led and empowered by the Spirit is our evidence.  And so, how does it begin with you?
November 2nd 11:00 –  Jesus sets Course  (Luke 4:14-44)  Jesus declares his calling and mission and immediately gets to work, both amazing some and upsetting others.   He says and demonstrates that he is fulfilling the promises of God.  We are ourselves going to have to come to grips with our own reactions to Jesus.  What course of life are you taking?
November 9th 11:00 – Jesus grows a Grace Movement  (LUKE 5:1 – 6:26) As Jesus travels about teaching and healing there is a growing number of people attaching themselves to what is becoming a movement of God’s grace.  There are some that Jesus specifically calls to join him as disciples.  When the call comes, one has to decide if they will get on board.  Are you a participant or a spectator?  Don’t miss the opportunity when it comes.
November 16th 11:00 – Jesus’ Teaching and Stories (Luke 6:17 – 7:50) What Jesus says is of significant importance to understanding who he is and what he is about.  The content of his message can’t be contained on a page.  His words have life and power.  The stability of our lives depends on the strength of our allegiance to Jesus and his truth.  What is at the foundation of your life?
November 23rd 11:00 – Parables and Power  (Luke 8:1-56)  Jesus is making an impact on lives and on the world.  Not everyone is affected and those that are, are not affected in the same way.  Consider today the impact of Jesus and the gospel on others and upon you.