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Hard Questions (Feb-Mar 2014)

Join us as we try to answer ?  Hard Questions:

I know you have them.  Those nagging but troubling questions.  Mysteries that cause doubts about and even destruction of our faith.  I want to hear your questions and together explore the possible answers.  On February 9th we will begin a series of messages each attempting to deal with a hard question.  I hope you will join us.

February 9th 11:00  What about the Wrath of God?  Amos 4 – In the Old Testament especially, sometimes God seems so grumpy.   Is our God ill tempered with an anger management problem?  Jesus was angry enough to over turn tables and chase people out of the temple.  Fear of God’s wrath caused the prophet Habakkuk to pray, “In wrath, remember mercy.” Let us together come to the mercy seat of God.

February 16th 11:00  Evolution or God? Are we the result of progressive random developments of life taking place over enormous periods of time?  Did we and all life naturally evolve without any supernatural design or purpose? Many have dismissed God as unnecessary believing science has all the answers.  Is God just a delusion?  These are big questions to which (in a brief period of time) we hope to provide some light.

February 23rd 11:00 What about the other religions?  Is it not a little arrogant for Christians to claim that Christ is the only way to God?  Can there not be many paths to God?   There are good and sincere devotees of other faiths in our world.  What does God say about them?  In our multicultural pluralistic city these are important questions.

March 2nd 11:00 Why so much suffering?  If God is loving and powerful why doesn’t he end the suffering in the world? This is the question that has been the ruin of many people’s faith.  How does one reconcile these two realities? It seems appropriate to try and answer these questions on a day that we are remembering the suffering of God – the death of Christ on the cross.

March 9th 11:00  What is Truth?  How or even can we know what is true?  Is truth the majority opinion?  Is it what I choose to believe because it is true for me? If there are objective truths, we should know what they are and how to know them.  Should our lives be directed by our passions, desires, needs, wants, preferences, dreams, the crowd or….?

March 16th 11:00  Does God promote violence?  There are passages in the bible where God commands the destruction of peoples or places.  Some of what we read of God’s instructions seems so out of character.  How are we to understand these passages? The stories so famous and even told to our children like Noah’s Ark and the battle of Jericho include terrible loss of life.   What do these passages tell us about God?

March 23rd 11:00  Generation Trust (Psalm 78:1-8) What defines a youth ministry? It may not be with you’ve always pictured. Let’s explore what are the (subtle) core elements that define a youth ministry for the church. (Guest speaker: Rev. Alvin Lau)

March 30th 11:00  Sovereignty vs. Free will  Is everything that happens – good or bad – the will of God?  Is God sovereign and controlling?  Is there free will?  Who is in charge any way?