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January 2014 Services

Mimico Baptist Church Worship Services and Children’s Church start at 11am

….for such a time as this? The Story of Esther – Queen of Persia

Over three Sundays – January 12, 19 and February 2 we will enter into the remarkable tale of a Jewish orphan girl and her bizarre journey to the throne room of the most powerful person on earth at the time – Xerxes – King of Persia.  The events of this journey will engage all your sense and emotions.  The twists and turns of this story will leave you dizzy. Esther becomes uniquely but perilously positioned to save the lives of her people.  Though God is never mentioned in the story his presence is discernable as it is in our own lives if we have the eyes of faith.  Come along for the ride but hold on.

Sunday January 12th 11:00 am: Esther 1 – 3.   The Story Unfolds:  We enter into the strange world of a self centered King flaunting his wealth, power and even – rather unsuccessfully – his Queen.  It is decided that a new Queen is in order.  An orphan Jewish girl is chosen to be the new Queen and she and her cousin Mordecai manage a good turn for the King.  Things begin to get ugly when Haman enters the story. Questions arise and also anticipation.

Sunday January 19th 11:00 am: Esther 4 – 7.  Tables Turned:   A dramatic and ironic reversal of fortunes takes place.  How this happens is cause for wonder.  Is there a great hand at work behind the scenes?  This story helps us to recognize and to seize the unique opportunities our circumstances provide.

Sunday January 26th 11:00 am:  94th Anniversary Service:  To help us celebrate we will hear from members of our church their stories of faith and the place of our Church in their lives.  Service will be followed by a light lunch.  More details to come.

Sunday February 2nd 11:00 am:  Esther 8-10. Purim:  The dramatic events of this story and the rescue of the Jews was so incredible that a festival called Purim was established to keep the story alive and to encourage the people.  The theatrics associated with the festival are to boo the villains and to cheer the heroes.  Come join in the dramatic conclusion of the story of Esther and consider its significance for us.

Children’s Church:  Kids will not want to miss the exciting program being offered in Children’s Church for the month of January.