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Living Lessons with Jesus (summer 2020)

Join us this summer as we explore Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

(All services will premiere on Sunday at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.)

August 23: Welcome to, Connection in Action – CIA. I am James. Pastor James. People call me, Jim. This week has been the roll out of our very first Virtual-Online Holiday Club. Jemma and Joy have worked diligently and very creatively to produce an exceptional program. We’ll get a taste of it in today’s service. Learn how connection to Jesus and his people results in life changing and life enhancing action. 

August 16: What to Do? (Matthew 7:15-29) Today we will be talking about your foundations and about the kind of fruit you produce. Yup, sounds kind of strange but it all has to do with what we do. To some degree what we do defines the kind of person we are. Sooooo? What to do?

August 9: Good’s Narrow Path (Matthew 7:1-14) Judging others? Or not judging? Giving good gifts? Wide and narrow roads? It seems like these are 3 distinct teachings by Jesus and they each do stand on their own. Yet weave them together and a key truth lies within. Let’s explore Jesus’ words together. (by Rev. Alvin Lau)

August 2: Worry? Should I Be? (Matthew 6:25-34) “Don’t worry about it,” is what someone might say to you. Seems Jesus is in this passage. Yet it seems like our natural reaction is to worry. So what do we do if we don’t worry? We’ll explore Jesus’ truth together. (by Rev. Alvin Lau)

July 26: Treasure (Matthew 6:19-25) In the midst of a pandemic people are re-evaluating what matters. What do we truly treasure? The economy is taking a huge hit, investments are tanking and some people’s personal finances are in crisis. Jesus speaks to money matters and to what is most important.

July 19: Today’s Object Lesson: The Law (Matthew 5:17-48) When we think of the “law”, we think of rules and boundaries. So when Jesus says he will fulfill the law, is he giving us more rules and boundaries? Perhaps he’s helping us better understand why God gave the law in the first place. Let’s delve into the deeper understanding of the Law. (by Rev. Alvin Lau)

July 12: Show & Hide? (Matthew 5:13-16 & Matthew 6:1-4) These two passages seem to contradict one another. Jesus tells us to let people see our good works and to not let people see our acts of righteousness. So how do you do that? Let’s find out together. (by Rev. Alvin Lau)

July 5: Blessed (Matthew 5:1-12) God bless you! It is what we sometimes say to someone after they have sneezed. What does it mean to bless and what does it mean to be blessed. Over the summer we will be looking at and listening to the “Sermon on the Mount.” The Beatitudes speak of blessing but are more a declaration of the presence of the Kingdom of God than a description of how to be blessed. We look forward to some good news that will be a blessing to the world. Let’s join others on the mountain and listen to Jesus.