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More Than Jesus (April-June 2021)

June 27 – Storyteller (Matthew 13) Stories stick. They are engaging, memorable and revealing. Jesus was a master storyteller. He is also a master story maker. Let’s consider some of his stories and their impact. 

June 20 – Father’s Day – Jesus and his Father – The relationship of Jesus the Son to God the Father is a mystery and a model. They were connected by prayer and by a shared mission. If you know one, you know the other. We come to and know the Father through Jesus. 

June 13 – Demon Slayer (Mark 5:1-20) There is hope for the hopeless. Some people have their demons – figuratively and literally. Our story today begins in a creepy cemetery and ends in a joyous commission. Jesus delivers. 

June 6 – Escape Artist (Luke 4:29-30 and other selected passages) Many times the religious leaders or the crowds wanted to trap or kill Jesus. Miraculously or cleverly, Jesus always found a way of escape. Wi such Houdini like ability, why at his moment of greatest danger did he not find a way out? At our time around the Lord’s Table today, we remember why. 

May 30 – Seeker (Luke 15) If you lose something that is valuable, you will look for it until you find it. We learn what is most valuable to God. Jesus came to seek the lost. There is great celebration when the lost is found. Here is a way for you to be the life of the party. 

May 23 – – Pentecost – Spirit (John 16:5-16) Today we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church. We look at what Jesus taught us about the mission and work of the Spirit. We will also consider the presence and work of the Spirit today. An invisible visible presence. 

May 16 – Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53) Jesus is the Suffering Servant of Isaiah. One of the most comprehensive Old Testament passages describing Jesus is Isaiah 53. This chapter has much to reveal as we learn more about Jesus. 

May 9 – Mother’s Day – Lion or Lamb? (Revelation 5) If you were to choose between a lamb and a lion as a metaphor for Jesus, which would you prefer. The lion is a symbol of royalty and power. The lamb a symbol of weakness and purity. What do these images tell us about Jesus? 

May 2nd – Returning (1 Corinthians 11:26) Today we participate in the Lord’s Supper – it is a meal Jesus invites us to celebrate until he comes again. The Bible speaks of the second coming and the need for us to be ready. What do we need to know about this? 

April 25 – I Am (selected verses from the Gospel of John) How would you finish this statement? I am… Jesus finished this statement in a number of very significant ways. His, “I am”, statements help us to know more of Jesus. 

April 18 – Builder (Matthew 16:14-20; 1Peter 2:4-8) Knowing Jesus was the son of a carpenter, it might not sound surprising that Jesus is a builder. However, what is Jesus building? In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says, I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it. We are going to consider our place in the construction project of Jesus.

April 11 – “Solidarity Sunday: That We May Be One”, Message by Dr. Darrel Johnstone – Solidarity Sunday is a time set aside for Canadian Baptists to stand wi our global partners in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The effects of this global crisis continue to be felt most significantly by the poor in the majority world. We will hear updates from and take time to pray for our partners in Bolivia, India, the Philippines, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.