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MRR: Update on Dec 21/15

(from Jan O’Hearn, co-chair)

Emails, posters and flyers have been passed throughout the neighborhood. We’ve had a great response from the Mimico community. Jim and I have started to collect furniture and the locker is half full already.

Birds &. Beans, Lakeshore Arts, Mimico Children’s Choir, LAMP, Humber College, Red Tree Hot Yoga, Councillor Mark Grimes, MPP Peter Milczyn and MP James Maloney are all eager to support our efforts. We’ve already received free storage space from StorWell.

The financial response has been incredible. As of last Tuesday, we’ve received $11,500. We also got word that a grant from the Lawson Foundation ($10,000) has been approved and the cheque is in the mail! Kudos to Heather for inspiring this amazing gift.

Jennifer and I attended an info session with the Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT). Very informative and a major reality check about what lays ahead. Their government-funded services are very extensive and I have contacted them to start the process of getting a settlement officer assigned to our group. Though we won’t have a family match until the new year, they are eager to help us in our preliminary preparations.

I would also strongly recommend that everyone reads Lifeline Syria’s Sponsorship Handbook.The breakdown of prep tasks is very comprehensive and a bit overwhelming.

Mimico neighbours have expressed an interest in organizing some sort of musical fundraising event in the future. Let Jim know if you want to connect with them or have other fundraising ideas.

Alvin and I are going to update our furniture wish list so it can be posted on the website and Facebook. Heather, are you working on one for housewares that we can post as well? We can start collecting and storing these in the locker. Offers are coming in by phone and email and we’ve already accepted a few. Let me know when you want an update on this.

I think that’s all for now. Blessings to all,