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Our Mission (June 2014)

June 1st 11:00 A Community of Christ – Are we more than a group of people who attend church on Sunday?  What does it mean for us to be the community of Christ; the church? There is a richness and responsibility to this identity that will set us apart as a unique blessing to the communities to which we are a part.  Christ is among us and the Kingdom of God is near.
June 8th 11:00 Sharing ChristWe have learned from an early age that if we have something good or if we have plenty we should share.  We have good news and the manifold blessings of Christ.  We have lots to share – but how?  It can feel like no one seems particularly interested or it can feel like a communication/understanding gap.  Sharing is at the centre of what Christ calls us to and he goes before us.  We also must appreciate that sharing goes both ways.
June 15th 11:00 Blessed are the Peace Makers – Jan O’Hearn will share about her peace keeping mission to the Middle East.  We were pleased as a church and community to support Jan in this two week peace mission to a troubled part of our world.  The Peace of Christ is something quite tangible and real.  It is a blessing to both give and receive.
June 22nd 11:00 With Our Communities – One of the great promises of our Lord is that he is with us – always and everywhere.  Jesus; God in the flesh; Emmanuel – “God with us” is an invitation to be with Christ as he is in our communities.  Our ‘with it’-ness is a sign that we are in touch with the people God cares about and is reaching out to.
June 29th 11:00 Rooted – Colossians 2:6,7 Summer is when trees put out their roots to draw in the nourishment that gives them life and makes them grow.  What they receive in the summer is what sustains the tree through the cold dark winter.  We need to be rooted too. We will put out our roots and receive life.