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SERMON schedule 2023

We have always loosely followed the Christian calendar. In 2023 we’re going to follow it more closely using the common lectionary. This is a practice of a high percentage of churches and will bring us along side of them and give us exposure to a broad range of scripture.

All service times are on Sunday at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

March 26: Our team who served in the Dominican Republic returns to share their experiences of what God is doing uniquely at the Lighthouse Project and lessons learned for home. From here, where will Jesus take us? We’ll have a time of reflection, celebration and consideration of the lessons Jesus taught this team and is teaching us.

March 19: Sermon: Eyes to See – 1 Samuel (16:1-13) , Psalm 23, Ephesians (5:8-14), John (9:1-41)

With the surprise anointing of David as king came with new possibilities. David knew that to be the shepherd of God’s people, God had to be his shepherd. Years later, Jesus has come as the new Davidic King, as the good shepherd, to unleash even greater possibilities.

March 12: Squeezing a Rock (Exodus 17:1-7; John 4:5-12; Psalm 95) Today is the third Sunday in Lent.  This is a season of reflection and repentance moving us towards our Lord.  While the Israelites were wandering in the desert, they became thirsty and demanded drink from God.  God answers using a staff and a rock.  In John’s gospel it is Jesus who is asking for a drink, and this from a marginalized woman. The tables get turned and Jesus gives drink to the woman and transforms the woman and her village.  What are you thirsty for? Jesus offers Living Water.

March 5: 3 Thoughts from the Word – Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34), Bread (John 6:47-51), Cup (Matthew 26:27-29) Mimico Baptist Church celebrates communion (also known the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist) on the first Sunday of the month. Together along with our Mandarin fellowship and our kids, we’ll explore deeper about the significance of communion as those of us who follow Jesus receive the elements.

February 26: I Confess (Matthew 4:1-11, Psalm 32, Romans 5:1-11) Today is the first Sunday in Lent. This is a season of reflection and repentance as we move toward Easter weekend. We look at the confession prayer of David paired with the story of the temptation of Christ. Jesus was victorious over temptation when we so often fail. What of the victory of Christ can be ours?  

February 19: Glorious! (Exodus 24:12-18, Matthew 17:1-9) A mountain top experience can be transformative. Who doesn’t want a taste of glory. We would love to stay there, but the reality is that live is often lived in the valleys. Can we take some glory with us? 

February 12: A Matter of Life and Death (Deuteronomy 30:15-2) Something that is a matter of life and death demands full and immediate attention. What so many push to the margins of their lives really should be central. What if it is the most important matter of our lives. We are invited to a high priority decision.

February 5: Holding on (Psalm 112) When life’s ride gets rough, we need to hold on. Walking the narrow road doesn’t leave much room for error. Difficulties or a crisis can knock us off balance. Sometimes we fall. We hold on to God and to each other only to discover that we are being held by God. 

January 29: What God Wants (Micah 6:1-8, Matthew 5:1-12) The relationship between God and his people is not quite what it should be. Both sides are trying to determine what the other wants. The misunderstanding is clarified when God lays out what he would like from his people. Jesus rephrases the same ideas in the Sermon on the Mount. This is a good time for some self examination and focus. What God wants is good for us and for the world. 

January 22: 103rd Anniversary Service – Faithfulness in Ordinary Time (Hebrews 3) – Guest speaker is Jennifer Lau, Executive Director of Canadian Baptist Ministries. Jennifer has traveled across Canada and to many countries around the world, seeking to connect Canadian Baptists to the people CBM serves globally. Her passion is to help people situate their own faith journeys within the global community and encourage them to faithfully follow Jesus into the world. She has served with CBM since 2002.  Jennifer is married to Chun and they have two children.  This day is also Chinese New Year, so this will be a triple celebration. 

January 15: Behold the Lamb (John 1:29-42) – Jesus has many names and titles including, the Christ, Immanuel, Son of God and Son of David. When John the Baptist introduced Jesus to his disciples, he gave a new and very significant title. He called him the Lamb of God. This peculiar name carries incredible significance. It is a name that helps us understand what he would do to secure our salvation.