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Summer 2022 sermon series

This series called “Windows on Jesus from the Old Testament” looks through these Old Testament passages to get glimpses of Jesus.

All sermons will be delivered by Rev. Jim Sanderson (unless otherwise noted). All service times begin at 10:30 am (unless otherwise noted).

September 4 – Sun of Righteousness (Malachi 4) In the closing chapter of the Old Testament comes the promise of One coming. He is described as the Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings. As with the sun, things are going to get hot.

August 28: “The Lord’s Prayer experience” – Let’s take time to pray through the Lord’s Prayer step by step. We will take time to worship, to pray in different postures and to hear God’s Word to us together. Guest speaker: Rev. Alvin Lau

August 21: Christ and his Bride (Hosea 1-3 selected. Hosea) We go on an adventurous journey to the point of no return. It is a story of danger and unbelievable grace. God is more amazing than you might realize.

August 14: Constantly Refilled (John 7:37-39) What does it mean to be “filled with the Holy Spirit”? It’s a phrase people often use in the Christian life. We’ll delve deeper in what Jesus meant by this and perhaps reorient our approach to it. As our week 3 Holiday Club campers get set to gather together tomorrow, let’s continue our journey in being -ful people of God. Guest speaker: Rev. Alvin Lau 

August 7: Victorious (Psalm 110) We are going to look at the Old Testament passage holding the record for being the most quoted or alluded to in the New Testament. Psalm 110 is a Royal Messianic Psalm pointing to Jesus. He will have victory over the dark and violent forces in our world. It is a Psalm of good news.

July 31: God’s Plan – Birth of Moses (Exodus 2:1-10) Together we are going to see how God protected Moses when he was born and while he grew up even though Pharaoh had given a command to kill all new-born Hebrew boys.  Our faithful God is fulfilling His promise every day including the difficult times. Guest speaker is Peter Qi. 

July 24: King of All (Psalm 2) Psalm 2 begins with the question, Why are the nations so angry? While there is much anger in this psalm, the dominant message is one of hope. The hope is rooted in the reign of Jesus as the world’s king.

July 17: Recap on Being –ful (various passages) Holiday Club this year is Camp I Wann-A-Be. Our campers explored the different ways to be –ful: thankful, faithful, peaceful, purposeful and prayerful. We will continue with some Scriptural thoughts about these with an opportunity to reflect on how we might be – ful. A special welcome to our Week 1 campers. Guest speaker is Rev. Alvin Lau.

July 10: Full of “It” (John 10:7-21) We all have different ideas of what means to live life to the fullest. This is a promise Jesus makes in our passage today in John 10:10. But what does Jesus mean by having life to the full? Perhaps our perspective needs to be refocused on what Jesus actually promises. We’re glad you’re here today, whether in-person or online. Welcome to all. Guest speaker: Rev. Alvin Lau

July 3: Birth (John 1:1-6, 14, 18) On the weekend we remember the birth of our nation we will look back on a more significant birth. Welcome to Christmas in July. We are reminded of the significance of the story leading up to the coming of Christ. How well do you know the story?