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good friday

Good Friday 2024

This service will bring together a number of Good Friday traditions. Our journey will follow the text of the passion narrative from the Gospel According to John and will take us to seven stations. As each station comes to us, we will have a reading of the text, a visual image, a reflection and an… Read More »Good Friday 2024

2019 Lent series: Jonah

SEASON OF LENT: Jesus often spoke of Jonah as a sign and an illustration of truths. Clearly, there are important lessons for us in this story. During the weeks leading up to Easter weekend we will find preparation for our hearts and minds as we journey together with Jonah. This ‘big fish’ story is really… Read More »2019 Lent series: Jonah

Season of Lent (2018)

SEASON OF LENT: During this season leading up to Easter, we will return to our journey through the Gospel of John. Sunday February 18: Betrayed and Denied (John 13:18-38) Today is a special day for two reasons: it is both the first Sunday in Lent and the first Sunday of the Chinese new year. For our Lenten… Read More »Season of Lent (2018)