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The Dawning of a Brighter Light (March-April 2020)

When your eyes are accustomed to the darkness, it can be quite painful when you are faced with the sudden brightness of light. Lent is a time of growing and gradual exposure to the light of Jesus as we move to the full illumination of Easter. In this Lenten season – a time of prayerful preparation – we ready ourselves for the glorious light of Christ – his life, death, burial and RESURRECTION.

Please join us over the coming weeks and brighten your days and ways. Jesus claimed to be the Light of the World. He is the Light of life, love and hope. Don’t be left in the dark.

All Sunday service times begins at 10:30 am (unless otherwise indicated).

March 1 – First Sunday in Lent – CBOQ Sunday: Lessons in Prayer – The early church grew in the midst of a hostile context. It was dangerous to live for Jesus. What shape do your prayers take when things get tough? This is CBOQ Sunday and we will celebrate the shared ministry of our larger family.  

Devotional thought:  How confident are you that prayer moves us and God?

March 8: Forward with Christ – In our centennial year, we have affirmed that this Church was founded on Christ.For one hundred years, Christ has been our foundation and the head of this congregation. As we proceed, our commitment is to go forward with Christ. Thank you Gary for bringing today’s message. We are grateful to Gary and Carla Nelson for their years of friendship, leadership and support in our church.  

Devotional thought: What are the ways that you intentionally spend time with Christ?

March 15: Promise and Preparation (Joshua 1) The Lord readied the people to enter the Promised Land with significant words and actions. There were promises and preparations. As we seek to break new ground in our communities we will want to pay attention. How do we ready ourselves for such a venture?  

Devotional thought: What resonates with you in Joshua 1:6-9?