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The Gospel According to Luke – Lent series (March 2015)

Continuing our journey through the Gospel of Luke, this series journeys through the five Sundays preceding Holy Week.

February 22nd, 11:00 – Lent – Luke 12:35-13:9 – Ready for the Day – Warnings are given for people’s safety.  There are some warnings that should not be ignored.  In today’s texts Jesus cautions us about certain dangers and invites us to his safety.
March 1st, 11:00 – Lent – Luke 13:18-30 – Like – The lessons of today’s text should be something you like.  He gives some unique insight in what God is doing and what it means for us.  Jesus helps us to understand what the Kingdom of God is like.
March 8th, 11:00 – Lent – Luke 14:1-34 – Banquet – We love to eat and a banquet is a particularly privileged place to do so.  Invitations are out for the great feast and you will be surprised at who is invited.  Jesus talks with us about the guest list.  Come see who is invited.
March 15th, 11:00 – Lent – Luke 15:1-31 – Lost and Found – The Lord does not want to lose anyone.  Each person is precious and will be sought out until found.  The result will be joyous celebration over the one that was lost but now is found.
March 22nd, 11:00 – Lent – Luke 16 – Clarity – We are called to proclaim the good news of Jesus.  How do we communicate the gospel in such a way as it is received and not ignored?  We get some hints from today’s chapter.  Are you ready with conviction and creativity?