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Missions (May 2014)

Together we look forward to messages to inspire and instruct us in the redemptive work of Christ in our world and how we can get involved. We welcome three guests who will share God’s word this month.
May 4th 11:00  Rev. Dr. Gary Nelson – Mission? – Gary is the President of Tyndale University, College and Seminary.  Gary – a beloved member of our church; he has served as the head of our Canadian Baptist Ministries and has written a number of books on subjects relating to church and mission.  Gary can draw upon a tremendous breadth of local and global experience as he resources us in ministry.

May 11th 11:00  Rev. Tanya Yuen  Children and Youth – Tanya is employed by Walmer Road Baptist Church as Director of child, youth and family ministries.  Tanya is also employed by the CBOQ as the Children and Family Ministries Coordinator.  We are grateful for her support in our mission to the next generations.
May 18th 11:00 Witnesses   In Acts 1:8,9 Jesus calls his followers to be witnesses in a local to global expansion of his Kingdom expression.  For this mission we are assured Holy Spirit power.  Is being a witness watching, working or both?  Together we will explore what this means.
May 25th 11:00  Jeff McCarroll:  Hospitality – Jeff is a Toronto urban missionary who is pouring out his life in the service of new Canadians in the Dixon Road area just north of our church.  Jeff’s work done humbly and sacrificially is touching lives.  He was recently honoured with an award from the Queen.  Jeff can help us realise some of the tremendous opportunities for sharing the love of Christ with our neighbours and some insight into how.