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Peter: Before and After (March 17, 2024)

Have you ever seen those “before” and “after” comparisons? Makeovers of faces or houses, or clothing, or whatever? We will look at the Apostle Peter. He has a remarkable “before” and after”. sermon: Peter – Before and After (selected passages from John and Acts) with guest speaker Jan Thomas

Summer 2018 services

July 1 Canada Day: Faith, in Canada (Luke 13:29) Canada is rich in diversity. This is certainly true when with views on faith and religion. There is a vast diversity of choice, yet one of the fastest growing groups are those who embrace no religion. In such a context, how do we declare and demonstrate the person… Read More »Summer 2018 services

Summer Sermon Series

Note: All church services begin at 10:00 am. You are invited to the following services offered this summer. This is a season for rest and renewal for many and regular worship is an important part. There is a children’s program during the church service. God bless you – have a great summer. *NEW* We have… Read More »Summer Sermon Series