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The Lenten Challenge

The Lenten Challenge

The season of Lent begins today and continues to Easter weekend. It is a time of faith renewal. It begins humbly in the ashes of repentance and grows with intensity as it approaches Christ’s death and resurrection. This is a time for you to awaken and deepen your faith. We would like to give you three challenges. Over these 7 weeks we encourage you to the following:

  1. Regular attendance to Sunday worship.
  2. Participation in the community Wednesday evening Lenten services at Martin Luther Lutheran Church.
  3. Reading through the Gospel of John.

Here is some detail:

  • Sunday Worship: When you are away you are missed. As the Body of Christ we need one another to mutually encourage and to joyfully celebrate. Please commit to coming as often as you are available during Lent. We are taking a fresh look at the Gospel of John. Details of services are on our website.
  • Wednesday Night Community Lenten Services hosted by our Mimico Churches and held at the Lutheran Church at Lake Shore and Superior from 7:00 – 7:40 pm. With Word, art and music we reflect together on the events and themes of the passion story.
  • The Gospel of John (the Fourth Gospel) is a book about new beginnings. It is our book of study for the beginning of 2017. Perhaps you can read half a chapter each day (and be complete by Good Friday). It would benefit you to read it with fresh eyes during these weeks.

We hope you’ll take the Lenten Challenge.